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Terrapin Fiberworks

OOAK Shawl Kits - Chesapeake DK

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SKEINS SOLD TOGETHER, price is for full lot in picture!

Set 2 (first picture): 3 blue and green OOAK skeins (same color family as Arise Lake Water and Innisfree)

Set 3 (second picture): 2 OOAK blue skeins

Set 4 (third picture, 2 skeins on LEFT): 2 OOAK green & teal skeins

Set 5 (third picture, 2 skeins on RIGHT): 2 OOAK forest green skeins

Set 6 (fourth picture): 4 OOAK royal blue variegated skeins

Set 7 (fifth picture): 4 OOAK muted sunset hue skeins (golden brown & orange)

Set 8 (sixth picture): 2 OOAK purple skeins, much like a lighter Mulberry Jam

Set 9 (seventh picture): 2 OOAK red hue skeins, a little like Father's Library

Yarn Bases

--Chesapeake Fingering--
100% Organic Cotton
437 yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Sport--
100% Organic Cotton
164 yards, 50 grams

--Chesapeake DK--
100% Organic Cotton
246 yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Worsted--
100% Organic Cotton
164 yards, 100 grams

--Atlantic Fingering--
100% Pima Cotton
437 Yards, 100 grams

--Atlantic DK--
100% Pima Cotton
218 Yards, 100 grams

--Potomac Fingering--
75% Virginia Cotton, 25% Belgian Linen
340 Yards, 100 grams

--Potomac DK--
75% Virginia Cotton, 25% Belgian Linen
246 Yards, 100 grams

--Severn Fingering--
100% Tencel
437 Yards, 100 grams

--Severn DK--
100% Tencel
246 Yards, 100 grams

--Anacostia Sock--

40% Tencel, 40% Organic Cotton, 20% Elastic

377 Yards, 100 grams

--Weaving Yarn--

*limited edition, not available in all colors*

50% Seacell, 50% Ring-Spun Cotton

6/2 NE

840 yards, 150 grams

Care Instructions

To keep finished objects looking their best, hand-wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

Each skein is hand-washed thoroughly after dyeing, but please keep in mind that minimal bleeding or crocking can still occur on first wash. A prewash is recommended for projects using multiple colors, especially saturated colors.

As with all hand-dyed yarns, especially plant fibers, slight variations should be expected between batches and even within dye lots. We strongly advise purchasing all skeins for a project at the same time to ensure they come from the same dye lot. It is also best practice to alternate skeins as you work.