Sweater Quantity

Get a quantity discount for your next yarn project!

We offer a scaled quantity discount for larger projects to improve accessibility. If you are ordering four or more skeins of the same colorway on the same base, you are eligible for the following discounted rates:

4-5 skeins: $1 off per skein

6-7 skeins: $2 off per skein

8-9 skeins: $3 off per skein

10+ skeins: $4 off per skein

Chesapeake Sport is discounted at 50% of these rates ( $0.50, $1, $1.50, and $2 per skein).

To receive the quantity discount, submit the form below with the colorway, base, and number of skeins you are looking to order. We will get in touch promptly with a discounted invoice based on your request, and then all there’s left to do is check out at your leisure!

Shipping time for sweater quantity orders is 4-6 weeks from order placement.

The sweater quantity option is currently available for all colorways listed on our website, and for all bases and weights, with the following exceptions:

Chesapeake Sport - out of stock until further notice