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Huldufólk - In Stock

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Yarn Base

 A rich blend of earthy greens and browns, this color evokes the signature mossy landscape of Iceland as well as the Hidden People (huldufólk) said to dwell throughout it. 

You may have heard of huldufólk before, probably through some survey or other discussing whether Icelanders really still believe in elves, or a story about a construction project in Iceland being rerouted due to strange complications that are said to be due to the disturbance of elves’ homes. 

To be honest, I feel like this rich part of Icelandic culture gets flattened in translation! The hidden people, magical beings that look similar to humans, are said to live parallel lives amongst the wild landscape of Iceland, sometimes granting boons to their human neighbors. Their history far predates the arrival of Christianity in Iceland and they remain a prominent part of the country’s folklore and modern imagination. The term “elves” honestly doesn’t seem to capture them.

I totally see how magic feels so present and embodied in the Icelandic landscape, and when I set about to create a color that pulls all the colors of the land together, it immediately brought the huldufólk to the front of my mind. So, here’s a yarn that I hope speaks to both wonderful things :)

PAIRS WELL WITH: Thingvellir, Midnight Sun, Lupine, Basalt

Bases in first picture: Potomac DK, Atlantic Fingering, Potomac DK (swatched)

Bases in second picture L to R: Atlantic, Monocacy, Potomac, Severn, Chesapeake, Anacostia

Bases in third picture: Anacostia, Atlantic, Chesapeake

Bases in fourth picture: Monocacy, Potomac, Severn

Last photo by John Thomas courtesy of Unsplash


Our yarns are hand-dyed with professional fiber reactive dyes on soft, eco-friendly vegan fibers. We do our best to represent yarn colors accurately in the listing photos, but please keep in mind that hand-dyed yarn inherently varies a bit from skein to skein, and different monitors may display colors differently.

Yarn is made in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. A scented soap is used at the beginning of the dye process on all bases except Anacostia and Severn, but is rinsed repeatedly after this; yarns otherwise do not contain fragrances.

To reduce our impact on the planet, our packaging is made of 100% plastic-free natural materials. Please reuse, recycle, or compost every piece!  

Yarn Bases

--Anacostia Sock--

40% Tencel, 40% Organic Cotton, 20% Elastic

377 Yards, 100 grams

--Atlantic Fingering--

100% Pima Cotton

437 Yards, 100 grams

--Atlantic DK--

100% Pima Cotton

218 Yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Fingering--

100% Organic Cotton

437 yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Sport--

100% Organic Cotton

164 yards, 50 grams

--Chesapeake DK--

100% Organic Cotton

246 yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Worsted--

100% Organic Cotton

164 yards, 100 grams

--Deer Creek Fingering--

*Only available in select colors*

60% Organic Cotton, 40% Linen

383 Yards, 100 grams

--Monocacy Fingering--

100% US Cotton Boucle

440 Yards, 100 grams

--Monocacy Worsted--

100% US Cotton Boucle

164 Yards, 100 grams

--Potomac Fingering--

75% Virginia Cotton, 25% Belgian Linen

340 Yards, 100 grams

--Potomac DK--

75% Virginia Cotton, 25% Belgian Linen

246 Yards, 100 grams

--Severn Fingering--

100% Tencel

437 Yards, 100 grams

--Severn DK--

100% Tencel

246 Yards, 100 grams

Care Instructions

To keep finished objects looking their best, hand-wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

Each skein is hand-washed thoroughly after dyeing, but please keep in mind that minimal bleeding or crocking can still occur on first wash. A prewash is recommended for projects using multiple colors, especially saturated colors.

As with all hand-dyed yarns, especially plant fibers, slight variations should be expected between batches and even within dye lots. We strongly advise purchasing all skeins for a project at the same time to ensure they come from the same dye lot. It is also best practice to alternate skeins as you work.