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Moonflower - In Stock

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Yarn Base

Our Steep Yarn Club May Color, Moonflower, is a cream white base with delicate floral speckling. Purples, oranges, greens and blues accent for a light and refreshing touch!

Our 2024 yarn club celebrates the diversity of color in one of the world's most widely revered drinks. Each month features a limited-edition tea-themed colorway, paired with a curated loose leaf tea from our local tea wonderland, Shab Row Tea Emporium.

This club is a celebration of both tea and yarn, and will feature a variety of dye styles and colors! You can expect to see more variegates and speckles than semitonals. Teas will be a mix of caffeinated and uncaffeinated; we are striving for a good balance of styles.

The Steep Club is a monthly preorder limited edition yarn available for purchase the 1-7th of each month only. All club yarns will ship by the end of their corresponding month. January Steep Club ships by January 31, February Steep Club ships by February 29, and so on.

Yarn Bases

--Anacostia Sock--
40% Tencel, 40% Organic Cotton, 20% Elastic
437 Yards, 100 grams

--Anacostia Worsted--
40% Tencel, 40% Organic Cotton, 20% Elastic
188 Yards, 100 grams

--Atlantic Fingering--
100% Pima Cotton
437 Yards, 100 grams

--Atlantic DK--
100% Pima Cotton
218 Yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Fingering--
100% Organic Cotton
437 yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake DK--
100% Organic Cotton
246 yards, 100 grams

--Chesapeake Worsted--
100% Organic Cotton
164 yards, 100 grams

--Deer Creek Fingering--
*only available in select colors*
60% Organic Cotton, 40% linen
383 yards, 100 grams

--Monocacy Fingering--
100% US Cotton Boucle
440 yards, 100 grams

--Monocacy Worsted--
100% US Cotton Boucle
164 yards, 100 grams

--Sandy Point Sport--
100% Organic Pima Cotton
328 yards, 100 grams

--Severn Fingering--
100% Tencel
437 Yards, 100 grams

--Severn DK--
100% Tencel
246 Yards, 100 grams

--Susquehanna Lace--
100% Pima Cotton
874 yards, 100 grams

Care Instructions

To keep finished objects looking their best, hand-wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.

Each skein is hand-washed thoroughly after dyeing, but please keep in mind that minimal bleeding or crocking can still occur on first wash. A prewash is recommended for projects using multiple colors, especially saturated colors.

As with all hand-dyed yarns, especially plant fibers, slight variations should be expected between batches and even within dye lots. We strongly advise purchasing all skeins for a project at the same time to ensure they come from the same dye lot. It is also best practice to alternate skeins as you work.